About Our Organisation

Serving the Community

The aims of the Association is to promote the best interests of the residents of the area to be served by the Association, to protect and improve conditions and amenities in the Area of the Association for the benefit of members of the Association. These aims are achieved by cleaning and maintenance projects in public spaces, floral displays, tree planting, projects and regular 'clean ups' in the area.


How We Serve the Community

Join Us - Annual subscription required only €20!

  • How to join - Contact a member of the committee through this website's Contact Form
  • The Committee are a team of volunteers who give their time to ensure that our area continues to be a safe and pleasant place to live.
  • The Committee meet once per month in the Johnstown Pastoral Centre and keep regular contact through email.
  • The Association is involved in all aspects of community enhancement, including:
  • Planning:

    To ensure development in our area is in keeping with the architectural landscape
  • Environment:

    To ensure our Parks, Footways and open areas are kept neat and litter free.
  • We organise regular 'Clean Up Days' where we encourage all residents to give some of their time to help keep our estate clean.
  • Security:

    Monitoring crime levels in our area, to advise residents of risks and crime trends therein and liaison with local Gardai.
  • Neighbourhood Watch and the Text alert schemes are in operation with regular reminders of personal security issues. Over 200 residents have signed up.
  • Communication:

    Keeping Residents informed on local issues by means of Newsletter, Website and Facebook.
  • Road Safety:

    To conduct analysis of traffic trends in Watsons Estate and liaise with Dun Laoghaire- Rathdown County Council in relation to further measures to improve road safety in the area.
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  • Your support, by means of annual subscription, provides the funding for the Watson Killiney Residents Association to operate. If you are not already a member, please consider joining. Subscription is €20 per annum per household . Membership allows residents to influence the direction of the association, and ultimately positively benefit our area.
  • We are always seeking new association members and candidates for our Committee. If you would like to get involved, please contact us through the 'Contact Form' on this Website.

The Committee

  • Chairperson: Éadaoin O'Keeffe
  • Secretary: Olivia Moore
  • Treasurer:John Lane
  • Committee Members:
  • Aidan Abbott
  • Anne Edge
  • Thelma Lane
  • Angela Mac Mahon
  • Mairead Magee
  • Mary Ó Broin